Brahminy Beach Community Page

Daily Photography 2016 - Current

Daily photo's are posted from the perspective -

'Can we activate the future potential of the present moment by living a more beautiful world today?'

This Facebook page was developed to be about a place where ideas, local knowledge, current happenings and natural cycles can be shared, explored and nurtured.
The page was called Peregian Beach Village as part of the website I built in 2011, so there was a place where visitors & locals could connect to the natural beauty of a place & all the voluntary groups activities happening in the local community. I changed the fb page name & dropped it off the map in May 2016 to give it the opportunity to be more metaphysical and without fear of representing developers & the real estate agent/traders association who have their own agenda for the place. 

Community Garden

Veggie Village - Peregian Beach 2006

One of the Founding members of the Veggie Village on Di Hirst Oval in Peregian Beach. This was one of those magic projects where opportunities continued to provide for this project.

The protection of the origin of a natural spring became a significant reason to site the community garden where it is.

Soil from the Peregian Springs Coles construction site became the boundary berm and the old pavement bricks from Hasting Street became the pathways and common area.



Art Advisor- Urban Design -Placemaking Initiative Consultant- Sunshine Coast Council -

Coolum Village Centre -Urban Design Master Plan 2009

In 2009 we formed a co operative of three local designers working in unison to assist community projects and develop council urban design and town planning initiatives.

Our objective was to bridge the gap between the townplanning & public art policies and the private & community developments.



with Bronwyn Buksh  Urban Planning 

      John Fuller    Designer - maker

Christmas Street Banner Competition Entry

Sunshine Coast Council 2010

Here's hoping the new Noosa Council revisits the design of their street banners and considers this design concept.

In Peregian Beach - Place making -Website

2011 - 2013

This website has been designed as a placemaking project to showcase the town in which I lives-Peregian Beach, on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.

It aims to associate place meaning with place economics.

The concept is to create a virtual place to identify the social & environmental wealth and values held by the local community.

A website that will hopefully:
  • connects traders with the local community,
  • hold a community vision of the place
  • reinforce the value of a healthy local economy
  • promote options instead of opposition

Local Knowledge Directory- Social Media Page Design & Administrator

Connecting the Community Groups and local real time events in Peregian Beach 2011 - 2015

This is an excercise using facebook as a social medium for public interaction in current everyday community activities & happenings. The objective of this project is to connect with the natural cycles & beauty the place aswell as highlight the efforts of  groups & volunteers in our local community.

Public Meeting Places

Community Couch # 1 - Localised Flood Furniture - 2011

By Sharyn Kerrigan

IGA Bench Seat - Commemoration- Coolum

With John Fuller - furniture maker

Vision on the Village

Initiation of a community driven master plan for Peregian Beach 2013

With Landscape Architect & Urban Planner - Hans Oerlemans

In 2013 I became caretaker secretary for old Peregian Beach Bowls Club that had closed down and reformed as the Peregian Beach Sports & Recreation Club.

The Vision on the Village is the legacy of the club.

This proactive community driven document was a major conponent for reinforcing the importance of this site in the master plan for town and it's contribution to the recreational precinct that is inherent to the character of the town.

In 2014 the developer negotitating with the land owner, withdrew their appeal in the Environmental Land Court for Supermarket development.