Beach House Architecture Projects

Over the past ten years I have worked on many private dwellings for clients on the Sunshine Coast starting with conceptual design to construction details.

New Houses & Renovations


Sunshine Beach Renovation

Revitalisation of a rundown double fronted brick veneer two storey house

Beach House - Sunshine Beach - Recycled Brick Veneer Bungalow
Beach House - Sunshine Beach - Recycled Brick Veneer Bungalow

Pitchfork Restaurant Awning  2011

With Furniture / Designer John Fuller

This was a project of patiences working through the bureaucracy of the different departments in the Sunshine Coast Council to obtain planning approval for the outdoor dining pergola. The design intention was to achieve a pleasant filtered light shelter that added to the public space around the square and took advantage of the regions sub tropical climate.

Recycled & Renovations

Peregian Beach Village Square  2006

Activity Platform & Public Notice Board for Noosa Council

The design for the Activity Platform in Peregian Beach Square was submitted as an expression of interest for the design of Street Furniture in the Noosa Council's upgrade of the village square.

As a local architect I saw the opportunity to design a concept that was both functional and sculptural.

The design is was based on the simple idea of framing views, porportioned as large postcards (6x4) frames.

 'Perceiving space as we see it in a holiday snap'

The runway /jetty runs true north and is finished with ladder hoops reminiscent of the old pool that occupied the square in the 1960's