I have been very fortunate to have worked with some of the best contemporary architects in Australia on some significant sized projects.

These include:

                  Norman Day

                  Daryl Jackson

                  Allan Powell

                  Richard Foster


Toorak House, Melbourne

2001 Allan Powell Architects

Tarrawarra Museum of Art

Allan Powell Architects

It was a wonderful challenge & experience to work with Allan Powell and Maudie Palmer on this Public Art Gallery Project for Marc & Eva Bessen in 2000

Working with Melbourne Architect Allan Powell on his house in Toorak was a great challenge of refined details and collaboration with the client. This project involved a fusion of ancient & modern spartial ideals.

Daryl Jackson Architects - 1991-1993

Lovell Chen Heritage Consultants


At Daryl Jackson Architects I got the opportunity to work on large scale projects and gain good professional experience in coordinating consultants & experts to achieve the overall design intent.

The fact is stadiums & high rise building involved drawing up & detailing a lot of toilets & handrails! 

My role with Allom Lovell & Associates on the restoration & refurbishment of the Princess Threatre involved all that you imagined an architect to do...source old blue print plans from the archives..listen to stories about haunted rooms in the drawings that indicate there was a closed off basement area, wear a hard hat and instruct a tradesman to break through a wall to this basement.

Norman Day Architects


Norman Day was a Architectural Critic for the Age newspaper aswell as a practicing Melbourne Architect based in Fitzroy Street, St.Kilda when I first started work for him in 1984.

I am indebted to him for demonstrating the commitment & integrity an architect must have to their profession and the place they live.

Back then we drew everything by hand- either ink on film or pencil on tracing paper and much time was spent waiting for the Dyeline prints to dry!


Blackburne Jackson Architects


Foster Designs